10 days intensive seminar : Specialization in Hippo Kinesio-Educational  Rehabilitation (Hi.KER) approach.

Training course in Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy

The Hi.K.E.R. International Institute conducts a series of training courses in Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy. The seminars are addressed solely to graduate or senior students of the health professions, directly related to the rehabilitation of children and adults with neurological or developmental  disabilities.


Hi.K.E.R. International Institute in cooperation with  Greek Scientific Association of Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy (G.S.A.T.R.H.)

Seminar information:

The seminar is addressed only to graduates of health professions (Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Speech therapists, Psychologists, Special Pedagogues, Psychiatrists, Special Education Trainers etc). The participants upon completion of the seminar are recognized as Hi.K.E.R. Therapeutic Riding Instructors, or Hi.K.E.R.  Hippotherapy Specialists, by the Hi.K.E.R. International Institute.

Seminar goals :

The emergence of therapeutic riding as a mean of rehabilitation in neurodevelopmental disorders with impact on mobility, functional ability, pulmonary function, communication, sociability and quality of life, as well as the study of the horse as a therapeutic agent, the influence of the multi stimuli environment, the role of therapists and the factors contributing to the whole process based on the Hippo Kinesio-Educational Rehabilitation (Hi.KER) approach.

Central philosophy of the Hi.K.E.R. is the creation of a structured training framework in the field of therapeutic riding. This framework aims at creating appropriate conditions for interaction among patient, therapist and the environment, process which will promote kinetic, perceptual, social, emotional and cognitive learning and facilitate the patient's multifaceted development. To create this framework of education, the therapist should provide patients with a wide range of experiences through which they will have the opportunity to explore, create, achieve, and at the same time get to know themselves, their body and the their feelings. Thus, the  Hi.K.E.R. therapist organizing the learning environment  promoting the kinetic, emotional and social education of patients and building the appropriate learning framework,  promotes independence and quality of life.

The program consists of 4  modules and includes oral presentation, practice and end course exam

Upon completion of the Program, the trainee will have acquired knowledge and skills  that will enable him / her to:
• Evaluate the functionality, physical condition, communication level, basic motor standards, etc. in people with neurodevelopmental disorders
• Design and implement personalized therapeutic riding and hippotherapy programs according to the Hi.K.E.R. approach
• Evaluate the results of both assessment and therapeutic intervention
• Prevent unwanted events during sessions and takes direct actions in the equestrian field
• Applies therapeutic and other equipment
• Train the therapeutic riding horses

Date of Conduct:

June 1 - 9, 2019

Course Languages:

Greek, English

Venue/ place:

Equestrian Club of Varibobi, Athens Greece.

Seminar price:

800 Euros

Rapporteurs / Trainers:

  • Nikolaoy Ioannis, Physiotherapist, MA, RNF Metodo Padovan, Senior Hi.K.E.R. Instructor, FEI Riding Coach, Chief National Classifier (FEI), President of  Hi.K.E.R. International  Institute.
  • Polyzos Nikolaos, Physiotherapist, MA, Bobath NDT, Senior Hi.K.E.R. instructor, chief of G.S.A.T.R.H., President of Hellenic Association of  Hippotherapists  (Hel.As.Hi.T.R.I.).
  • Nicolaidis Nikolaos, Occupational Therapist, SI, Senior Hi.K.E.R. instructor, Vice Presidentof  Hi.K.E.R. International  Institute
  • Gennatou Tatiana, Speech Therapist, Junior Hi.K.E.R. instructor.
  • Bakatsi Penelope, Occupational Therapist, SI, Junior Hi.K.E.R. instructor.

For registration information contact us at:

contact person:

Nikos Nikolaidis

            mob. phone:  +30 697 705 2821

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