The first book on the therapeutic riding and hippotherapy in the Greek language was issued in January 2015

Book Title: Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy. Introduction to approach Hippo Kinesio-Educational Rehabilitation (Hi.K.E.R.).

book description:  The book is a valid guide that is based on specialized and long experience of the authors, written in plain and intelligible language, so be useful not only to professionals in the field, but also to all interested for this exciting journey

It includes among others, issues such as historical data, the effect mechanisms of horse motion in the human body, handles -  manipulate used during therapy sessions, training in therapeutic horse riding, the roles of therapists in the rehabilitation group,  Hippotherapy intervention in Cerebral paralysis and developmental disorders, etc.

Authors:  Yannis Nikolaou, Nikos Polyzos Nikos Nikolaidis

Scientific editing:  Yannis Nikolaou, Nikos Polyzos

Book presentation:

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